Constructions in Birch

Rooby Bloosby helped build and tool the stage set for The Seagull Project’s The Three Sisters (by Anton Chekhov). The show opens on January 20th at the ACT Theatre in Seattle.

Ventriloquial Tropes

This 1-page paper has been added to the Blue Moon Library Report Series. This is REPORT_004 of the series. Though C.B. Davis’ dissertation was not on the shelves at the Blue Moon, I have spent many hours there with Davis’ dissertation reading about the history of ventriloquism and semiotic analyses of ventriloquial activities. So, technically,… Continue reading Ventriloquial Tropes

Bloosby BlogCast Launch

A blog about the Ultimate Stage will be included as part of the website launch on Thursday, October 30th. A fictional mixed-reality character (Rooby Bloosby) will discuss the present and future of online broadcasts as well as pontificate upon the potential significance of live mixed-reality performance spaces. Click the above image or here to: find… Continue reading Bloosby BlogCast Launch