Monumental GOAT Art Sale

The Global Outcast Art Theory Syndicate (GOATS) is having an art sale. A small sample of original Caleb Schaber paintings will be sold that were part of his “Super Tuesday 2008 Monumental Art Gallery” showing that opened on Super Tuesday 2008.


The youtube playlist above begins with one of the opening ceremony videos for Caleb’s Monumental Art Gallery series titled: Super Tuesday 2008.  The opening was hosted at the “top secret” Illumiclowni Coffee Klatch Club Cafe situated on top of the Washington Monument at the heart of Washington DC. As of May 1st, two original paintings featured in this Mirror World Animation Video and another from the general series will be be put up for sale on June 1st, 2014. Following the Super Tuesday video, a series of additional videos (from the GOATS archives) will be presented to start the process of piecing together a more complete picture of a willful and troubled artist gone mad throughout the 1990’s and early Millennium.

Global Outcast Art Theory (GOAT)

Global Outcast Art Theory (GOAT) is a method or “lens” used to characterize and measure art achievements “in spite of it all.” All of the mad and tortured artists and creative spirits that have been nearly universally rejected in their attempts to express themselves authentically or willfully. These are not success stories. Perhaps they are sad, miserable, examples of what Jim Morrison characterized as “dying on the vine” in his poem/song  An American PrayerCaleb Schaber epitomizes the Global Outcast Artist and it was a privi lege to have him give the Keynote Address

Global Outcast Art Theory (GOAT). June 24, 2007
Keynote Inaugural Address: “Six Stories
Caleb Schaber: 2007 GOAT Keynote Address
Caleb Schaber: 2007 GOAT Keynote Address

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Caleb was involved in numerous GOAT projects and a great deal of correspondence, media, and objects were archived by the GOAT Syndicate. A meager selection will be made available in the sections below.

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