Greek meaning “revolving”. Vitruvius. see also, phd and wiki.

image by Kenneth A. Baker (Purdue)
image by Kenneth A. Baker (Purdue)

Renaissance Scenic Theory

Vitruvius & Others…Leonardo’s Mirror Effect and Tessellated Hexagons in France.

Gaspard Monge, Descriptive Geometry, & Revolution

A play about Monge, Revolution, and Design.
Example of four different 2D representations of the same 3D object

The Ultimate Display

Ivan Sutherland…

Embodied Interaction

Where the action is. Tangible Bits.

Performing Mixed Reality & Trajectories

Mixed Reality Laboratory

Presence & Telepresence

HitLab, uw. Presence journal. ISPR:

Augmented Environments & Mirror Worlds

AELab Georgia Tech.

Global Outcast Art Theory (GOAT)

See also, “GOATS Art Sale