TJ is currently a Seattle Stage Technician investigating opportunities for inventing the future of interactive live entertainment and advanced learning spaces using mixed reality techniques. Below is a video portfolio of work done at Purdue University, a list of publications, a summary of background interests, and finally a playlist of videos related to the development of the Ultimate Stage App (USA).

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2015 CV

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Personal Theatrical Trajectories (Past, Present, Future)

I like to characterize my experiences and interests in terms of what I focused on in undergrad (University of Washington School of Drama), professional theatre (as a professional Seattle stagehand), and in graduate school (Purdue University Computer Graphics Technology). The following three slides capture the most important projects, gigs, and research I was involved in during these three phases of my life.

Theatre of the Past (UW School of Drama)

Theatre of the Past (Undergrad)
B.A. in Drama, University of Washington

Theatre of the Present (UW School of Drama, Undergraduate)

Theatre of the Present (Professional Stagehand)
Theatre of the Present (Professional Stagehand)

Theatre of the Future (Purdue University)

M.S. Computer Graphics Technology
M.S. Computer Graphics Technology

Ultimate Stage App (USA).

Papers, demo videos, and a book are being written by TJ detailing the concept, framework, and application for an Ultimate Stage App (USA). The Ultimate Stage concept is a hybrid-reality “mirror world stage” technique that combines real and virtual presentational spaces using mobile mixed reality, attention-aware systems, and location-based services.

Rooby Bloosby (an alter-ego who wears virtual masks) was created to host various public mirror world events as well as perform in Ultimate Stage performances. To view current and past BlogCasts, goto the Bloosby BlogCast Page on Google+.

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